Junji Ito Fan Spots Terrifying Real-Life Uzumaki

Junji Ito is set to have a big 2021 with Adult Swim planning to release the much-anticipated anime [...]

Junji Ito is set to have a big 2021 with Adult Swim planning to release the much-anticipated anime series of Uzumaki and it seems as if a fan of the prolific horror mangaka has managed to unnervingly discover an environment that bears a striking resemblance to Ito's most popular work. Though the official release date for Uzumaki has yet to be revealed, fans are chomping at the bit for the upcoming mini-series as the trailer released shows that the Production IG anime will be attempting to mimic the artwork of Junji Ito unlike anything else we've seen.

The story of Uzumaki, for those who might not be familiar, follows an isolated town that finds itself struggling with an obsession with spirals. Though on the surface, this might not seem that terrifying, one of Junji Ito's strengths is that he is able to take mundane premises and weave them into some of the most bone-chilling manga stories in existence. The manga took us through the small town through the eyes of Kirie, a high schooler who finds herself, and her boyfriend, plagued by people turning into snails, zombies returning from the grave, and far more ingenious monstrosities that arise from the spiral curse.

Reddit User Break On Through 44 shared this creepy image that shows a spiral in the clouds over a small town, leading users to immediately be reminded of Junji Ito's spine-tingling story that found the inhabitants of the community experiencing the curse in unique ways:

Oh boy are we in for a fun time in my town from r/junjiito

Originally, Uzumaki wasn't going to be the only Junji Ito adaptation that fans were looking forward to, as the now-defunct streaming service known as Quibi was in the process of putting together a live-action television series, Tomie. What is arguably another of Ito's most popular creations, Tomie follows the story of a young succubus who stalks her prey and has been featured in countless short stories throughout the artist's career. With the property spanning close to a dozen live-action movies in Japan, the television production in North America was cut short when Quibi shuddered its doors last year.

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