Kingdom Season 3 Shares First Teaser Trailer

Are you ready for your first-look at an awaited season? It has been some time since anime lovers got to check in on Kingdom, but the series has maintained its global power. To date, the action series stands as one of manga's best-selling series of all time, and its anime will return this year. Now, fans can check out a peek of Kingdom's third season, and it has fans feeling real good.

Not long ago, Youtube went live with the first teaser trailer for Kingdom. The epic reel begins by touting the manga's numbers, and it goes on to show several shots from season three. It ends with a close-up of the series' leads, and fans admit they are happy with the animation.

So far, the artwork looks real smooth, and that has earned the approval of fans. This teaser has more animation in it than the trailer released for One-Punch Man season two. That bodes well for Kingdom and its schedule as One-Punch Man was notoriously mocked for its second season's poor quality.

Kingdom's third season is slated to debut this April so fans have time to catch up on the anime. The show debuted under Studio Pierrot back in June 2012. A second season followed in 2013, but no new episodes have been released since March 2014. Now, after more than six years, Kingdom is ready to launch a comeback for the ages.

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Kingdom was created by Yasuhira Hara for Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump in 2006. The story is set in China during the Warring States period and follows two orphans named Xin and Piao. When the latter dies, Xin finds himself involved in a conspiracy which allows him to join the army. Xin dreams of becoming the world's greatest general, and the hero tries to do so by helping Ying Zheng unify China before its internal conflicts split it apart.