K-pop Stars Hyuna and Dawn Announce Engagement

Today, the K-pop fandom is buzzing with excitement as it seems two of its biggest artists are now engaged. Hyuna and Dawn took to social media earlier today to share the news with fans. The two artists posted pics on Instagram of their matching rings as Hyuna said yes to Dawn's online proposal.

As you can see below, Dawn posted a picture of himself wearing a gorgeous ring complete with three gems with the caption, "Marry Me". A similar photo was then posted by Hyuna on Instagram with the caption, "Of course, it's a yes" before writing, "Thank you, thank you, always thank you."

As you can imagine, fans are geeking out about the romantic gesture. No official statement has been released by the artists' label P NATION regarding the engagement. For now, netizens are giving the couple privacy while sending best wishes their way from all over the world.

Of course, fans cannot say they are surprised by this engagement. Hyuna and Dawn have been in a public relationship since 2018, but the pair since confirmed they began dating in 2016. The two met while working under their former label Cube Entertainment as Hyuna was recording solo after her group 4 Minute disbanded. As for Dawn, the rapper had recently debuted with the group Pentagon and was considered an up-and-coming idol before news broke of his relationship with Hyuna.

The so-called scandal led to Dawn's exit from Pentagon and Cube Entertainment as a whole. Hyuna followed with her own exit, and the pair went on to join PSY's record label. Since then, both Dawn and Hyuna have released hit singles like "I'm Not Cool" and "Money" as well as joint singles like "Ping Pong".

Have you sent the couple your best wishes? You can check out both artists' music over on streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple Music right now.