Kris Wu, Former K-Pop Star, Arrested Following Rape Accusations

Following a recent wave of allegations, former K-pop star Kris Wu has been taken into custody in China on suspicion of rape. The Chinese-Canadian artist was arrested by authorities in Beijing after netizens started a movement online addressing his alleged crimes. At this time, the 30-year-old star is accused of rape as well as grooming underage girls for sexual relations.

At this time, Wu has denied all allegations of assault. "There was no 'groupie sex'! There was no 'underage'," the singer wrote on social media amidst the ordeal. "If there were this kind of thing, please everyone relax, I would put myself in jail!"

kris wu
(Photo: VEVO)

The situation unfolded earlier this summer when Du Meizhu, a 19-year-old student, came forward with her story about Wu. It was there she recounted meeting the singer at 17 when she was invited to his home for a party. Meizhu explained she was pressured into drinking that night, and when she awoke the next morning, she was in bed with Wu. The student went on to say other women had been seduced similarly by Wu after being promised jobs, and Meizhu said some of the girls were minors.

In the wake of this revelation, 24 other women shared their tales about Wu online, their stories were very similar. Chinese social media platforms like Weibo were ignited following these shocking revelations, and millions shared their support for Meizhu. Wu's lawyers are now pursuing legal action against the student for defamation, but Beijing police are actively investigating the case. Wu is now in custody for deceiving "deceived young women multiple times into having sexual relations". Wu's camp has yet to publicly comment on the arrest, but the singer has had several official pages on social media removed since.

For those unfamiliar with Wu, the star came to fame back in 2012 when he debuted in the South Korean boy group EXO. The singer famously left the band in 2014 and pursued a career in entertainment in China. Wu has gone on to model and act in projects like Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back and XXX: Return of Xander Cage.

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