The Legend Of Korra Is Now On Netflix

Following the arrival of Avatar The Last Airbender on Netflix, the streaming service decided to go one step further by adding the follow up series of The Legend of Korra to its roster. With the franchise having been in the news a lot as of late thanks to the original creators of the series leaving the upcoming live action adaptation, the sequel show certainly has arrived during an interesting time. With four seasons of The Legend of Korra to binge, fans can revisit the series or witness it for the first time on Netflix starting right now!

The Legend of Korra takes place years after the conclusion of the first series of Avatar The Last Airbender, following the story of the latest reincarnation of the bender who can access all four elements. Korra hit the scene as an outgoing character who wasn't afraid to jump into a situation, sometimes to her detriment. Joined by the likes of Mako and Bolin, two benders who use their abilities within a sport league titled "Pro-Bending", as well as a cast of colorful characters in this far more technologically advanced world. With the protagonists struggling against a revolution that is attempting to free the world of benders and embrace technology, each season differed greatly from the one before it.

Legend-of-Korra Netflix
(Photo: Nickelodeon)

The animated series now streaming on Netflix first debuted on Nickelodeon in 2012 and had fifty two episodes to its name, following the adventures of the Avatar after Aang, proving how different of a protagonist Korra was versus her predecessor. While the live action adaptation is currently set to only follow the adventures of Aang and his battle against the global domination plan of the Fire Nation, perhaps based on the reception of the series, we might see Netflix work toward creating a live action adaptation for Korra's story as well!

While many feel that Legend of Korra wasn't able to hit the same heights as Avatar The Last Airbender, it was definitely a worthy follow up to the series and not only introduced us to some compelling new characters, but gave us a look into the lives of Aang and his friends decades following the conclusion of the original series.


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