Love, Death & Robots Releases Season 2 Trailer

After a long wait, the first look has gone live for season two of Love, Death & Robots. The award-winning anthology debuted a couple of years back to great success thanks to its innovative story and animation styles. Now, season two is planning to go live soon, and its first trailer is a doozy.

You can find the reel above as it begins with a curious look into one of the season two shorts. The 3DCG animation shows a man and woman speaking before their conversation blows into something out of this world. As this trailer continues, fans are shown an array of scenes from the upcoming season, and it seems Love, Death & Robots will have a lot to offer fans this year.

love death robots
(Photo: Netflix)

For those unaware of Love, Death & Robots, the anthology title is all about animation and the many ways it can explore adult stories. The show leans into every style of animation from anime to CG and beyond. Tim Miller helped create Love, Death & Robots along with David Fincher, Jennifer Miller, and Joshua Donen. These creators have returned to bring season two to life, so fans have high hopes for this comeback.

The first season of Love, Death & Robots contained 18 episodes with each telling a different story. More often than not, the tales were very NSFW whether it be thanks to violence, language, or sexual themes. It seems season two will follow in those footsteps in just under a month. After all, Love, Death & Robots has confirmed season two will hit Netflix on May 14. So if you haven't binged season one, well - you better get cracking!


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