Made in Abyss Promises to Make a Big Announcement Soon

Made In Abyss might look cute on its surface, but the dark tale has some of the most disturbing moments in anime history as it follows along with the young girl Riko as she descends to new levels of madness in a bid to discover her mother and follow in her footsteps. The series so far has had one season of thirteen episodes, with three subsequent movies that further explored the world created by Akihito Tsukushi, and fans have been waiting to see whether or not the beloved series will be getting a renewal for a new season.

Twitter User Manga Mogura, along with the anime's official website, set the record straight that Made In Abyss is about to unveil a big anime announcement that most are thinking that a second season announcement is imminent:

Earlier this year, the official Made In Abyss Twitter Account had shared the fact that the anime sequel was currently in the works, but details have been far and few between when it comes to the franchise's return:

Made In Abyss gave us three films in the forms of Journey's Dawn, Wandering Twilight, Dawn of the Deep Soul which all took the opportunity to further explore this unique anime world. The manga series still has been continuing to this day, meaning that there are plenty of stories that are left to be adapted into the anime. While there have been no details about what this new project would be, a second season of the anime would most likely pick up following the latest tale that had been told in Dawn of the Deep Soul, which was so heart wrenching that it actually made a room of Japanese wrestlers cry.


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