Masters of the Universe: Revelation Confirms The Status of Prince Adam

Masters of the Universe: Revelation ends the first half of its premiere season on quite the cliffhanger, with Prince Adam being brought back from the afterlife to help restore magic to the world of Eternia. Unfortunately for He-Man's alter ego, the Prince was on the receiving end of a sneak attack by his eternal enemy Skeletor, who ran him through and left him on death's door as a result. With Skeletor gaining the power of Castle Grayskull and taking on the name of Skelegod, the latest trailer for the series confirms Adam's current status.

Not only does Adam manage to survive the assault, it seems as though he is able to harness the power of Grayskull once again, though without his sword, he becomes a very different version of the He-Man that has been present in the series so far. Becoming a "Savage He-Man", it seems as though Skelegod now has a brand new problem on his hands with a protector of Eternia who has an uncontrollable power at his command thanks to no longer wielding the sword. The trailer also seems to show that He-Man eventually returns to his tried and true form, though we have yet to see if this is the grand finale of the series or another flashback that dives into the past of the franchise.

If you have yet to see the latest trailer for Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Netflix Geeked's Official Twitter Account shared the first look at the new trailer that confirms many story aspects of Prince Adam's return along with the return of both the heroes and villains of the world of Eternia:

Kevin Smith, the producer of the series, took the opportunity on a recent episode of his podcast to discuss the new form of Prince Adam, which was originally introduced via concept art for the He-Man franchise back in the 1980s:

"The idea of Savage He-Man is what happens if Adam calls down the power without the sword as a conduit, as something that governs who he becomes. At one point in the show, he calls down the power without the sword and becomes the Savage He-Man. Its based on the first incarnation, the very first drawing of He-Man where he had a battle-ax in his hand and was much more of a barbarian."