Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Drops Our Hero Into a Killer Cliffhanger

Mob Psycho 100 has officially kicked off the final arc of the third season, and the newest episode has started things off on a terrible path with a bloody cliffhanger for Shigeo Kageyama! The third season of the anime will be rounding out the final events of ONE's original manga series, and as fans have seen over the course of its episodes thus far, there have been some major goodbyes as a result. In a season full of them, Mob himself has been dealing with the fact that he's becoming a full-fledged adult while those closest to him have been drifting away.  

The newest episode of the series has sparked the final arc of the anime overall, and Mob finds out that his long time crush Tsubomi Takane is moving away before they get into their third year as students. He's been doing all of his self improvement in order to somehow make himself "worthy" of her, but as he prepares for his big confession something terrible happens. The newest episode ends as Mob's found himself in the midst of a bloody cliffhanger. 

(Photo: Warner Bros. Japan)

What's Happened to Mob in Season 3's Newest Episode? 

Episode 9 of Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 sees Mob find out that Tsubomi is moving, and thus decides to finally confess his feelings to her. But with all of the other boys in the school deciding to do the same, he instead chooses to stand out from the rest of the crowd and approach her directly in a different way. When the two of them finally set a time for their meeting, Mob readies to go with a bouquet of flowers. But it's here he sees a car driving incredibly fast towards a boy who doesn't see it. 

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Mob moves before he can even really think and pushes the boy out of harm's way. But Mob's not looking too hot as it's soon revealed that he took the hit from the car instead, and he's bleeding profusely from his head as the episode comes to an end. It's the worst kind of cliffhanger for the young esper to been in, so now it's a matter of seeing where the series could go from here as it reaches its grand finale. 


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