New 'Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans' Anime Shares Trailer, Poster

Mobile Suit Gundam has been busy as of late with its next project, but the folks at Sunrise are ready to keep pushing the mecha franchise. Not long ago, a special event saw Sunrise confirm its work on a spin-off to Iron-Blooded Orphans, and fans got a first look at the title for good measure.

So, if you are ready for some intergalactic warfare and sweet mecha suits, then you best get ready. Sunrise is coming in hot with the new series, and its animation looks as smooth as ever.

As you can see above, the trailer For Urs Hunt is a straightforward one. The lengthy clip begins with Sunrise confirming the new title is a spin-off to Iron-Blooded Orphans and goes on to introduce a few new characters. A young boy with blonde hair is seen discovered a forgotten Gundam suit underneath his city, and he uses it to join a fight against a slew of unknown mecha. The new lead is joined by a young girl with pink hair and a few older characters who look rather battle worn. (via ANN)

gundam urs hunt
(Photo: Sunrise)

The first poster for Urs Hunt was also released, and it highlights the new lead named Wistario. He is shown in space beyond a planet that appears to be Venus. Wistario is joined by a massive mecha as expected, and details from the show have confirmed the suit is known as the Gundam Hajiroboshi.

For those curious about the specific characters joining the franchise in this spin-off, you are in luck. A set of lead character descriptions have gone live and can be read below:

Wistario Afam, a boy born and raised in the Radonitsa Colony floating above Venus. His parents died early in his childhood, and he inherited the vestiges of the colony management company Afam Equipment. He is cheerful, with a strong resolution and big dreams of turning Venus into a tourism destination.

Demunaa Kitako Junior, a man who served as a teacher and caretaker since Wistario's birth. He looks strict and severe at first glance, but ultimately has a strong tendency to pamper Wistario. For many years, he has been secretly maintaining the Gundam Hajiroboshi.

Korunaru Kōsa, a mysterious girl who appeared before Wistario, claiming to be the guide to the Urðr-Hunt. In addition to her proper and polite manners, she speaks with a calm tone that belies her apparent age. As she rarely changes her expression, it is hard to get a read on her. She like brewing tea.

The Gundam Hajiroboshi is a mobile suit hidden deep in Radonitsa Colony's power section. Demunaa inherited the duties of managing this unit from his late grandfather, and he has secretly kept maintaining it. When the colony is attacked by unknown mobile suits, Wistario pilots this Gundam and awakens it from its long slumber.

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