Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild Now Streaming on Netflix

The video game producer Capcom is no stranger to the world of television and movie adaptations, [...]

The video game producer Capcom is no stranger to the world of television and movie adaptations, with the likes of Resident Evil and Street Fighter hitting both the silver and small screens, and now, Monster Hunter is the latest game to hit television as Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild is now streaming on Netflix. With this new story revisiting some of the classic characters of the franchise while introducing a new story to both old and new fans of the franchise, Netflix is once again creating a video game adaptation to bring into the world of animation.

Monster Hunter was first created by Capcom in 2004 and had its first game debut on the Playstation 2, gaining enough traction among video game fans to receive a number of sequels. With the recent entry of Monster Hunter World becoming one of Capcom's highest-selling games, it doesn't seem as if the franchise is going anywhere any time soon. Recently, the series also received its own live-action movie starring action star Milla Jovovich which brought some of the biggest monsters from the franchise onto the big screen for the first time and expanded the reach of Capcom's already popular franchise.

Monster Hunter's Official Twitter Account shared the news that the Netflix original movie, Legends of the Guild, has arrived on the streaming service, giving fans of Capcom's series a brand new story that will see plenty of creatures threatening the hunters of this crazy world:

Netflix is diving deep into the world of video game adaptations, with the likes of Powerhouse's Castlevania and The Witcher becoming some of the most popular series on the platform, but the streaming service isn't stopping with these. Netflix is planning on creating adaptations of popular video games like Cuphead, Cyberpunk 2077, Far Cry, League of Legends, and new takes on the world of Raccoon City in Resident Evil, proving that there is definitely a market for shows that bring video games to life.

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