Mushoku Tensei Sets Up Its Spiciest Episode Yet with New Stills

It seems like Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation is ready to shake up its fandom once more. If you are caught up with season one, you will know things got dicey recently when Rudeus and his party came face-to-face with the God of Dragons. And now, it seems like our hero is about to take the plunge with one of his closest friends. A new synopsis is live for Mushoku Tensei, and it has set up a spicy situation with Rudeus and Eris that readers have been waiting for. 

The update comes from the anime's official website in Japan. The page finally posted details about episode 22 before it launched in a few days. The episode, which is titled "Dreams and Reality", will be familiar to readers from the get go. So if you do not want any spoilers for Mushoku Tensei, you better turn around now...

For those who are familiar with the ins and outs of Mushoku Tensei, you will know that Rudeus and Eris have a complicated relationship. Anime fans are already shipping the couple, and of course, readers of the light novel have already gone through that turmoil. So when episode 22 put out some stills and a full synopsis, well – readers freaked out because the couple is about to get together... in the formal sense.

The synopsis catches up with Rudeus and his party as they heal up following their latest fight. Eris finds herself dismayed by how the world is changing around her, and things get even more complicated when she discovers how tense politics have become in the area. Distraught, the Mushoku Tensei synopsis says Eris visit Rudeus alone to think over everything. And if you look at the stills for episode 22, well – you can piece together what the pair are about to do.

Like in the light novels before it, the anime is about to see Rudeus and Eris have sex, and you can already imagine how fans online are going to react. The Mushoku Tensei novels broke down this scene innocently enough in volume 16, but Eris' ended the romance shortly after by going on an adventure without telling the others. Rudeus is eaten up by her actions, and it seems season one is ready to navigate that fallout as well. So whether you love or hate Mushoku Tensei, brace yourself. You're going to hear about it plenty in the next week or so.

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