My Hero Academia Made One Death Way Gorier with This Small Detail

My Hero Academia took fans back this weekend when it put out a new chapter, and it was dark to say the least. After much anticipation, fans watched as Shigaraki woke up with a new power boost at his side, and it was strong enough to level a city. The surprise attack prompted countless to die as Pro Heroes fled the scene, and fans noticed a rather gory detail about one of those deaths.

For those who have read chapter 272 of My Hero Academia, you will know that one of the top Pro Heroes died during this battle. Shigaraki's new power boost elevated his Decay Quirk to all new heights, and it allowed to him to disintegrate most of a city. The hero Crust found himself in the way of his attack along with Eraserhead, but only the latter was saved.

The My Hero Academia chapter follows Crust as he ensures Eraserhead is rescued by an overhead Pro Hero as the decay wave comes towards them. The page shows Aizawa reaching out towards his comrade with red eyes as he had been erasing Nomu to help Crust in battle. However, nothing could stop the UA Academy teacher when Crust chose to fling him high towards safety while sacrificing himself in the process.

A battered Crust gives Eraserhead a thumbs up as he begins to decay, and fans are shown the aftermath in another panel. However, if you look closely, you will see that his thumbs up is still there. The gore is blacked out in the manga for obvious reasons, but in the manga's world, Crust's decapitated hand would have been frozen in time before it finished decaying. And as you can imagine, that is a rather dark thing for Eraserhead to witness.


So far, it has been confirmed that Crust and X-Less died in the raid, but there is no word on the other Pro Heroes caught in the blast. No matter the number, the Pro Heroes have never been hit this hard before, and things are only about to get worse from here on out in this arc.

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