When Did All For One Transfer His Power to SPOILER in My Hero Academia?

Warning! Massive spoilers for the My Hero Academia manga! My Hero Academia's latest arc surprised fans with the fact that All For One had actually passed on his All For One quirk to his successor, Tomura Shigaraki. The latest war between the heroes and villains has also been keeping an eye on Shigaraki's power evolution. Upon waking up, he has a dream in which his body fully accepts the power and dark responsibility of All For One. What is not clear yet, however, is when did All For One make this transfer exactly?

The timing of the transfer could potentially explain some of the major developments of the past few arcs. Now it is just a matter of figuring out when the transfer took place, and how it impacts the arcs thus far. Because if it's early enough, then it explains all of the growth Shigaraki's quirk has made since the fight with the Meta Liberation Army.

The first point where the transfer could potentially have taken place is the most recent in which Dr. Garaki was experimenting on Shigaraki's body following the fight against the Meta Liberation Army. He explained that it was a surgery that was literally evolving him, the result of which we have seen in the latest chapter. All For One could have transferred it there, but how could he have done so in Tartarus?

My Hero Academia All For One Shigaraki Power Transfer When
(Photo: TOHO Animation)

It must have been much earlier as Garaki reveals that All For One had been holding onto a copy version of the quirk, and that copy could not have been made in Tarturus. Meaning that the transfer could have taken place before the fight with All Might, and could explain why All For One was so confident in defeat. But furthermore, this could explain Shigaraki's growth in power in the fight with the Meta Liberation Army.


If he had All For One within him, it most likely would have played a role in his sudden quirk evolution. When he flashes back to his youth, he unlocks a new level of power. Interestingly, Shigaraki sees his family once more as he comes to evolve All For One completely. Once again, his memory is tied to a boost of his power. It sort of parallels how Izuku Midoriya has been seeing flashbacks too.

But what do you think? Did Shigaraki inherit All For One before All For One's final fight with All Might? Did All For One pass it on to Shigaraki after the fight with the Meta Liberation Army? Could it even be before the entire series began? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!