My Hero Academia Teases Dabi's True Power

My Hero Academia's manga series is getting deep into the "Meta Liberation War" arc, which has (as promised) brought all-out war between the Pro Hero world and the League of Villains. While fans have been focused on the inevitable major casualties that will occur - or what this war could mean for Izuku Midoriya and Shigaraki, it seems that another player is stepping into his own right now: Dabi. The League of Villains' flame-powered sadist has been a major wild card in the series, and in My Hero Academia chapter 267, Dabi finally reveals what his true power is, and goes far beyond the burn of his flames.

Warning: My Hero Academia manga SPOILERS Follow!

Chapter 267 of the My Hero Academia manga reveals the next step in the conflict between the heroes and villains at one of the Meta Liberation Army's key bases. Pro Hero Hawks has just killed the League of Villains' multiple-man, Twice, and Dabi isn't too happy about it. Of course, Dabi is also a sociopath, and Hawks calls him out as being such, claiming that he couldn't possibly care about Twice's death. For a moment, Dabi plays the hurt teammate while roasting Hawks alive - but he quickly drops that facade, when Hawks demands to know how Dabi is, after confessing that Dabi and Shigaraki are the only two villains whose identities he could not discover.

My Hero Academia trolls fans hard over Dabi's real name, blacking out the all-important reveal that fans have been obsessing over since the villain was introduced. Is he the son of Endeavor and eldest brother of Shoto Todoroki? We still don't know; but what we do know, now, is that Dabi's true bid for power goes far beyond the League of Villains. As Dabi himself confesses to Hawks:

"More than Twice, more than anyone, you should've been keeping both eyes on me. The League? Shigaraki? I never gave a crap about them. A single person, with a single conviction, has the power to change the world. There are no true heroes. I plan to make Stain's will a reality."

Hero Killer Stain has become a major icon of My Hero Academia's world. The vigilante kills "false heroes" who do good for material gain, while aiding and championing true "noble heroes" like All Might. Needless to say it's shocking to hear Dabi aligns himself with Stain's strict beliefs, and not just the nihilistic sadism Dabi seemed to follow. Or is it?

If Dabi truly is Toya Todoroki, then this reveal makes total sense. His father Endeavor would've deemed Toya a failure for not being able to generate flames like his father could, which would've both led Toya to push himself to extreme self-harm Dabi has suffered, and seek to crumble the Pro Hero system, that turned his father into such a monster.


How Dabi will become a one-man symbol we don't yet know, but we know it will be something terrible.

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