My Hero Academia: Megan Thee Stallion Explains Why She Admires Izuku

The past year has been a big one for rapper Megan Thee Stallion in spite of the pandemic. The chart-topping artist enjoyed a string of successful track collaborations before putting out a hit album with the single "Body" on board. As a model for female empowerment, Megan has gone on to inspire plenty of fans around the world. And in a recent interview, the rapper told fans she sees a lot of herself in the lead of My Hero Academia.

The artist shared this about herself during a recent chat with Amazon Music. It was there Megan opened up a bit more about her love for anime, and she said My Hero Academia handles Izuku in such a way that she can level with the aspiring hero.

"In My Hero Academia, you get to see Izuku Midoriya go from [being told] no no no to being the baddest b. I feel like that applies to my life. You know, sometimes you gotta hear a lot of no no no's, and it only makes you go harder to be the best," the rapper said.

This isn't the first time Megan has shown her love for My Hero Academia or Izuku for that matter. In the past, she spoke with Crunchyroll about her public love of anime. The conversation touched upon a ton of series, but Megan called out Izuku as a character who specifically inspires her.

Of course, it isn't hard to be inspired by Izuku. The boy has his flaws, but Izuku is never one to give up. Despite being told his dreams of being a hero were bunk, Izuku continued to work hard to reach that goal. And after he was introduced to All Might, Izuku only worked harder to do himself and the Symbol of Peace justice.


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