My Hero Academia Movie Spoils a Special One For All Reveal

My Hero Academia fans are not keen on unwanted spoilers, so you can see why some fans were upset when the anime's most recent movie dropped a few on them. This month, the long-awaited release of My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising hit U.S. theaters. So far, the film has been met with unabashed praise, but a certain spoiler about One For All has got anime-only fans a tad bit miffed.

Recently, My Hero Academia fans gathered in theaters to see the spoiler for themselves, so you better proceed carefully as you can read up on it below. Manga readers vibed with the revelation easily as they were let in on the secret awhile back, but anime viewers had big questions about the One For All vestiges which Izuku saw in his head.

In the movie, there is a scene in which Izuku is powering up his quirk, and he has to go beyond PLUS ULTRA! He is able to tap into that power boost, but he sees a slew of figures in his head before the boost finishes. Audiences could make out the shape of various people shrouded in colorful lights, but the misty figures went away as fast as they came. It was heavily implied that these shadows were of the previous One For All users who came before Izuku... and this is the first time the anime has outright shown them.


In the past, the anime has alluded to the issue like when Izuku broke out of his brainwashing during the Sports Festival. The vestiges of One For All used the quirk without Izuku's knowledge to knock him from his stupor, but All Might never said he experienced such a thing. Now, Izuku has experienced it more than once, and this big-screen encounter was his most vivd yet. And as you manga readers will know, things only get more intense with One For All from this point on!

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