My Hero Academia Season 5 Is Rumored to Debut Next Spring

My Hero Academia

season five has been on the minds of fans ever since the show's latest season closed. The hit superhero series has a following that's eager to meet up with Izuku on a new mission. Following the epic finale of season four, My Hero Academia has fans wondering about the League of Villains as well as the mysterious dream Izuku had. Thankfully, it seems it won't be much longer until the show returns with its new season. After all, a new rumor suggests the show will be coming back around to fans next spring!

The My Hero Academia update hit social media today from several well-known Twitter pages like WSJ_manga. It was there fans were let in on a rumor regarding season five. The scoop claims the show will return to the small screen in spring 2021, and that would be huge news if true.

Currently, there is no official word on the show or the premiere date of season five. All fans have been told is that My Hero Academia is hard at work on the new season. Its fourth season wrapped in April of this year with the announcement. And while many expected season five to debut in early 202 1, the ongoing pandemic made fans doubt such a release window was even possible.


Now, this new rumor says spring 2021 is being eyed for season five, and that is just fine by fans. The spring season begins in April for anime series and ends in June. It is likely that season five will be a two-cour affair with its first-half going live in April and the second half in July. This is par for the course as My Hero Academia seasons one through three stuck to such a schedule. The most recent season bucked the trend by airing in October and wrapping in April. But should this new rumor be true, season five will go back to its roots with a spring release window.


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