My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising to Release Special LP Vinyl

My Hero Academia has one of the best soundtracks in the anime game, and it did not skimp out with [...]

My Hero Academia has one of the best soundtracks in the anime game, and it did not skimp out with its latest film. After all, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising has a truly impressive soundtrack, and it will bee coming to vinyl very soon. Thanks to a recent announcement from Funimation, fans have learned a record for the film is being made, and it will go on sale well before the holidays.

The big reveal came from Funimation this month as My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising revealed its LP vinyl. The limited piece will contain two discs that bring together the best of Yuki Hayashi's music, and it will come with some amazing artwork to boot.

"Rock out with Class 1-A on this Heroes Rising double-LP vinyl set. With a soundtrack composed by the inimitable Yuki Hayashi and specially pressed in exclusive variant Funimation colors, this green and orange-colored record set is available only on The Funimation Shop. You won't need Jiro's Quirk to plug into this sonic epic," the vinyl's description reads.

my hero academia vinyl
(Photo: Funimation)

This double-set will come with two pieces of vinyl and a whole lot of music. You can check out the full tracklist below and wonder at its 35 tracks. At this time, the vinyl is up for pre-order at Funimation for just under $30 USD. The product is expected to go live and ship on October 27.

Track List:

•A1. Heroes vs. Villains
•A2. Nine
•A3. A Hero Is...
•A4. The Hero Work Recommendation Project
•A5. That's Super Hero-Like!!
•A6. Nabu Island
•A7. Inherited Power
•A8. Nine's Quirk
•A9. Nine's Blunder
•A10. The Villain Appears
•A11. You Picked the Wrong Person to Taunt!
•A12. Deku and Katsuma
•B1. Nine's Action
•B2. Surprise Attack of the Villain
•B3. Class 1-A, Heading Out!
•B4. Nine and His Team's Resistance
•B5. Numerical Inferiority
•B6. Nine's Tenacity of Purpose
•B7. The Strength of the Man Who'll Become the Number One Hero
•B8. Islander's Anxiety
•B9. Past With Nine
•C1. Together as One
•C2. Strategy Meeting
•C3. Let's Start the Operation!
•C4. We'll Go All-Out to Stop You!
•C5. Joint Struggle
•C6. Chimera
•C7. To the Limit
•C8. Nine's Craving
•D1. Be Number One -Bakugo's Belief-
•D2. Nine's Power
•D3. Might*U
•D4. A Heart That Is Inherited
•D5. There Is a Hero There

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