My Hero Academia Artist Turns Mirko Into a Playboy in New Sketch

My Hero Academia's sixth season will be focusing on the War Arc, a battle that will see Class 1-A's young heroes fighting against Shigaraki and his villainous forces in the Paranormal Liberation Front. While familiar faces like Deku and his fellow classmates at UA Academy will take center stage, expect some professional heroes to also be featured in the war against the strongest villains in Hero Society. Mirko have some major battles in this season and an official artist for the Shonen franchise has imagined the Rabbit Hero as a different sort of bunny.

Mirko first entered the world of My Hero Academia in the fourth season of the anime adaptation, arriving as one of the newest members of the Top Ten. While having the proportional strength, speed, and agility of a rabbit might not seem impressive on its face, Mirko will put her Quirk to good use as she joins the likes of Endeavor, Hawks, and the other professional crime fighters. The War Arc is considered to be one of the biggest battles that take place in the Shonen series by Kohei Horikoshi, and fans following the anime should prepare for some major casualties on both sides of the aisle as this brawl will change the future of Hero Society.

My Hero Academia assistant artist, Shota Noguchi, has shared their love of Mirko several times in the past, and now, the back-up of Kohei Horikoshi has taken the opportunity to share the Rabbit Hero becoming a Playboy bunny before she takes center stage during some pivotal moments in season six:

While My Hero Academia is set to give anime viewers the biggest battle of Mirko's career, fans can learn more about the Rabbit Hero via the spin-off series, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes. Though the side story recently came to an end, the series took the chance to not just introduce us to new heroes who operated outside of the law, including the likes of Crawler, Pop Step, and Knuckle Duster, but it also took us to the past lives of some of our biggest heroes. Mirko is one of the heroes who was featured in their flashback stories, with the Rabbit Hero honing her skills at a young age by joining an underground fighting tournament.


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