My Hero Academia: Bakugo's Hero Name Receives New English Translation

My Hero Academia gave fans a big gift this weekend when its new chapter went live. The update [...]

My Hero Academia gave fans a big gift this weekend when its new chapter went live. The update focused on the heroes as they pushed forward in the Raid arc as usual, but things took a turn when Best Jeanist began pulling up the slack. Despite all their casualties, the heroes are on the up, so Bakugo felt it was time to finally reveal his new hero name. And after a day of being public, the official English version of Bakugo's hero name has changed.

The update was shared quietly online as Viz Media's digital vault uploaded a new version of chapter 293. The altered version includes a new spelling of Bakugo's hero name, and it turns out the hero name is know as follows from now on: Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight!

This name was quickly adopted by My Hero Academia fans upon the chapter's release in Japan given its riff on All Might's name. In the Japanese, Bakugo does borrow the same spelling that All Might uses in his name. This makes the pun Dynamight pretty much perfect, but that is not how the name was presented in English the first time around. In the chapter's debut, the hero name was written as Great Explosion Murder God Dynamite.

Now, the name has been changed to better fit the Japanese play on words. Bakugo's homage to All Might is much clearer now, and fans are thrilled to have this preferred name made canon. And even though his fellow heroes might find the name silly, Bakugo is plenty happy with his new name. Just... don't be too surprised if the name is shortened to Dynamight from here on out!

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