Bakugo Reveals His Musical Prowess in My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia has taken us from the life or death struggles of the battle against Overhaul to [...]

My Hero Academia has taken us from the life or death struggles of the battle against Overhaul to the light hearted story of Class 1A attempting to create a rock band, with Bakugo of all people revealing his musical prowess! The hot headed hero has long been a rival to Midoriya, letting his quirk do the talking as his emotions run rampant in his journey to becoming a professional hero. While Bakugo's powers are almost second to none in his class, it seems as though he may be at the top of the charts when it comes to drumming!

With the students and teachers of UA Academy licking their wounds and recuperating following the fight against the Yakuza, Jiro's love of music begins to infect the her fellow classmates. With the Cultural Festival about to begin for the school, Class 1A begins to wonder what they can bring to the table when it comes to a performance that will help their reputation among the other students at their hero school.

Bakugo overhears two students chatting from "General Studies" that Class 1A has brought nothing but misfortune to the school, with the League of Villains constantly attacking them throughout their short careers as aspiring heroes. As the hot blooded hero mulls over what steps he should take to improve Class 1A's standings, a sign comes his way thanks to the recent plan to form a rock band.

As his fellow students begin wondering just what parts everyone should play in the new band, Bakugo unleashes his amazing ability to play the drums, rocking out a tune that grabs the attention of all of his fellow classmates. Stunned by his performance, his classmates begin dictating who should play the roles of the musicians, "effects team", and "dance team".

With Jiro acting as the lead singer and Bakugo on the drums, the Class 1A band has officially formed, but the machinations of Gentle Criminal and La Brava may put an end to their performance before it even begins. The Youtube styled villains are planning to attack the Cultural Festival, and the students of UA Academy will have their hands full planning their performance and combating these brand new villains.

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