My Hero Academia: Batman Meets Eraserhead in This Ominous Sketch

My Hero Academia is eyeing a comeback this week with its manga, and the anime team is still working hard behind the scenes on season six. Everyone is on the clock to keep Izuku on track, and that includes our favorite heroes in the series. Despite some recent setbacks, Aizawa is ready to take on the villains no matter the cost, and one artist felt it was time to reward the hero with a special sketch channeling Batman

The piece comes from Twitter courtesy of agildedcrow. It was there the artist did a special drawing for Christopher Wahkamp, the English voice actor behind Aizawa. As you can see below, their artwork takes some cues from the DC Comics icon, and agildedcrow penned the piece to celebrate Wehkamp's love of Batman.

As you can see, Aizawa is seen perched atop a building as he looks down from the roof. Dressed in his usual costume, the hero is obviously scanning the streets for danger, and the nighttime scene in the background only adds to the atmosphere. In the back, you can even see some buildings illuminated against the sky, and Aizawa looks ready to jump into action whenever called.

Of course, Batman fans will know this pose as the caped crusader made it so famous. Gotham's savior often takes to roofs to survey his city, and he jumps into action when called. The same goes for Aizawa, and the street-level heroes tend to keep their battles in the shadows. While they may join the frontlines on occasions, Batman and Aizawa love their underground roots, so this digital painting is pretty perfect.

Of course, there are some things Batman has that Aizawa cannot lay claim to. We're pretty sure the Class 1-A teacher doesn't have a Batmobile parked somewhere, and Catwoman isn't leading him on any wild chases. My Hero Academia doesn't lean into the whole hidden identities thing either, but Aizawa and Batman have it where it counts. They're not afraid to fight for their city, and they will do anything to keep those they love safe. 

What do you think of this DC Comics comparison? Are there any more of these mirrors hiding in My Hero Academia? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.