My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Sets Up a Todoroki Mission

My Hero Academia fans knew something was up with Dabi from his first appearance, but they could not have known how right they were. Over the last year, netizens were vindicated when Dabi's backstory was made public, and even more info about his past has come to light this month. Now, the Todoroki family is owning up to its role in Dabi's origin story, and a recent cliffhanger promises to confront the villain as soon as possible.

Recently, chapter 302 of the manga went live, and My Hero Academia did not hold back with the big chapter. The update gave a check-in on Endeavor as he faced his family for the first time since Dabi confessed his true identity. As it turns out, Dabi - or Toya - was not lying about the abuse he suffered under his father's thumb. However, the Todoroki family must own up to its neglect and unite to save the wayward villain. Or at the very least, stop him.

My Hero Academia Todoroki Cosplay
(Photo: Studio Bones)

"I thought this couldn't be your battle to fight and that I was the only one who could do it, but I was wrong. Once your done grieving, stand back up because we all have to go stop Toya," Shoto told Endeavor by the chapter's end. As you can imagine, the pro hero is wrung out from the emotions that came with Dabi's reveal. The idea of his son being a cold-blooded villain has shaken the family, but Endeavor is the worst of the group.

After all, the pro hero has been faced with a karmic backlash like never before. My Hero Academia has made it clear that Endeavor was a terrible husband and father given his abusive ways. He has tried to make amends for the past, but Dabi's origins prove forgiveness is no longer in the cards. Now, Endeavor must deal with the ashes he burned, and his family has promised to help him despite the odds.

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