My Hero Academia Shares the Todoroki Family’s Guilt Over Dabi

The War Arc has come and gone in the manga for My Hero Academia, and though it caused several [...]

The War Arc has come and gone in the manga for My Hero Academia, and though it caused several deaths in the hero community, the emotional scars that were caused by the battle between heroes and villains continue to ripple through society, with the Todoroki family having to deal with the guilt they hold for the League of Villain member, Dabi. Harboring a Quirk that allows him to unleash a torrent of blue flames that are stronger than even Endeavor's, the Todoroki Clan has to come to grips with their past while also moving toward the future.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga, Chapter 302, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into spoiler territory.

With Dabi revealing himself to be the eldest son of the number one hero, we are taken into Toya's past, learning the torment he went through in a bid to become the hero that would one day surpass All Might as the "Symbol of Peace". Unfortunately for Toya, he hadn't inherited the necessary Quirk to become the hero that Endeavor wanted him to be, with the Todoroki family instead pushing for Shoto to enter the hero community based on his ability to wield both fire and ice. Endeavor himself is mentally shattered by the revelation of what his abuse had done to his family but it's clear that his family isn't letting him off the hook.

My Hero Academia Todoroki Guilt
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In this latest installment of My Hero Academia, we see that Toya not only blamed Endeavor for his terrible childhood but also we had the opportunity to see why the future Dabi held a grudge against his mother. Rei had married Endeavor as a part of a "Quirk Marriage", specifically joining together in order to create offspring that could become the most powerful heroes in the world.

Toward the tail-end of the chapter, we witnessed the Todoroki Clan not laying the blame entirely on Endeavor, but realizing that they all had a role to play in the development of Toya into the villain now known as Dabi. With the family now putting their faith in Shoto, it's clear that the Todoroki family will have to deal with their past sins sooner rather than later.

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