My Hero Academia Sketch Unites Baby Izuku With His Favorite Hero

My Hero Academia fans are some of the most active in the anime fandom, and they been rewarded for their online fervor time and again. Of course, one of the most reliable source of UA Academy goodies comes from Twitter thanks to the user nstime23. The page belongs to one of the manga's assistants, and they have showed fans with tons of behind-the-scenes sketches over the years. And now, they are going viral thanks to a piece featuring Izuku and his favorite hero.

And no, we are not talking about All Might this time. The Symbol of Peace might be Izuku's role model, but when it comes to his go-to hero, only Dynamight can take the spot.

As you can see above, the artwork showcases baby Izuku Midoriya in all his green-haired glory. The young tyke is asleep with drool dribbling down his chin, and Izuku happens to be snoozing in Bakugo's arms. The blonde hero is smiling for once, and the look on his face can only be described as gentle. In fact, Bakugo looks totally at peace with Izuku cradled to his chest, but we all know Dynamight can put a snarl on in a second flat.

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This is just the latest bit of fan-art nstime23 has done for netizens, and they have been on a kick with Izuku as a late. The hero is featured in just about every piece the assistant has posted as of late. But if you want to check out more of their tributes, you can find other heroes like Mirko and Aizawa in these pieces as you scroll!

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