My Hero Academia: One Piece Star Comments on His Upcoming Movie Role

If you did not know, things are about to heat up for My Hero Academia's anime. Not only is season [...]

If you did not know, things are about to heat up for My Hero Academia's anime. Not only is season five on the cusp of an intense new arc, but the series is eyeing its third movie. The big feature is slated to go live this August, and we just got an update on it. After all, a new trailer for the movie is live, and its villain debuted along with a quote from their voice actor.

Now, this actor isn't just any old star. My Hero Academia managed to rope in a legend in the voice acting community. Kazuya Nakai will be voicing the villain Flect, and he has posted a note to fans who are supporting his entry to My Hero Academia.

one piece mha

"I'm extremely honored to finally play a role in a worldwide success such as My Hero Academia. The character that I play, Flect, plans terrorist attacks as a way to help humanity. I guess you could call him a twisted hero in a way," Nakai wrote. "I think it's a story that will fit really well with the many point-of-views in today's society. I'll do my best to add a feeling of reality to my character."

For those who do not know Nakai, you most definitely know of his work. The actor is known best for his work on One Piece as he is the voice of Roronoa Zoro. Nakai is also known for voicing Toshiro Hijikata in Gintama, and his video game credits speak for themselves. He has worked on every series from Persona to Danganronpa, and Dynasty Warriors. So now, it is only fitting for Nakai to take a stab at My Hero Academia.

Want to know more about the upcoming film? You can find the synopsis for My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission below:

"A mysterious group called Humarize strongly believes in the Quirk Singularity Doomsday theory which states that was quirks get mixed further in with future generations, that power will bring forth the end of humanity.

In order to save everyone, the Pro-Heroes around the world ask UA Academy heroes-in-training to assist them and form a world-classic selected hero team," it continues. "It is up to the heroes to save the world and the future of heroes in what is the most dangerous crisis to take place yet in My Hero Academia."

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