My Hero Academia Is About to Pit Shigaraki Against Some Surprising Heroes

My Hero Academia has set up Shigaraki to be its ultimate villain, and honestly? Fans are ready to see Izuku have a showdown with the fighter. The two have grown leaps since the manga began, and its final saga promises to test the pair in all-new ways. In fact, Izuku was meant to be fighting Shigaraki right now, but a little blip got in the way. So now, it seems a surprising hero pair is set to take on Shigaraki for now…

The whole thing began when My Hero Academia put out its most recent chapter. It was there fans watched as the heroes tricked the League into splitting up for the final act. While Shoto takes on Dabi, most of our pros are out taking on All For One. As you might expect, Izuku was meant to fight Shigaraki given the villain's boosted powers, but Toga scrambles the plan last minute. This means two heroes are left to occupy Shigaraki, and one of them is Bakugo Katsuki.

Chapter 345 checks on Bakugo after he is warped by Monoma to U.A. High School as it is now floating above the sky. The terrain is meant to contain Shigaraki and his decay quirk since it can level whole towns now. It seems Bakugo is sent there to keep Best Jeanist company with Izuku, but the latter gets diverted elsewhere. So of course, Bakugo is the one to inform Best Jeanist of the situation.

There is no word on who else is fighting up at U.A High School, but you can bet Bakugo will take center stage here. He has history with Shigaraki, after all, and he owes the villain payback for a blow during the Raid arc. Bakugo took the hit that Shigaraki intended for Izuku, and the student isn't the only hero smarting. Best Jeanist took tons of damage during his bout with All For One at Kamino Ward. And now, these two heroes will have to defeat Shigaraki without Izuku or hold out until One For All arrives. 

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