My Hero Academia Explains How Its Traitor Aligned Themselves with All For One

In its time, My Hero Academia has put forward some wild theories, but some of its craziest questions have been pitched in canon. Way back when, some fans scoffed at the idea of a traitor working within U.A. High School, but that did not stop them from theorizing who the culprit would be. Now, the manga has confirmed the hunch was right, and the traitor's true identity has been revealed. And worst of all, the traitor was forced to work with All For One lest their loved ones get hurt. 

If you are caught up with My Hero Academia, you will know how the traitor was discovered. The manga did a quick bait-and-switch with fans by making them think Hagakure was the traitor. But in the end, we learned Yuga Aoyama was the real threat.

The update was given by way of his parents as Aoyama was cornered by his mom and dad. The two asked their son to save them once more while sobbing apologies for putting Aoyama in this position. After all, the two of them approached All For One in the first place, and they did so when Aoyama was just a kid.

As it turns out, Aoyama was born quirkless, and he wanted a power much like Izuku. However, instead of All Might saving the boy, his parents turned to All For One for help. The baddie gave Aoyama a quirk on the condition he will be owed a favor. He called in the request by having Aoyama be his spy at U.A. High School, and that has been his job ever since.

While Aoyama's betrayal hurts something fierce, My Hero Academia fans have suspected the boy for years now. His secret is out of the bag now, and Hagakure has told Izuku. While she finishes informing the class, the manga will pit Izuku against Aoyama, and there is no telling how the fight will go. But if we know anything about Izuku, well – it is that he will want to save his classmate rather than punish him.

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