My Hero Academia Cosplay Highlights Fan Favorite Camie

Though she might not appear as often as Midoriya and Bakugo in the halls of My Hero Academia, Camie Utsushimi has quickly become a fan favorite not just thanks to her bubbly personality, but thanks to her aesthetic and Quirk, which are demonstrated perfectly with this latest Cosplay. A sophomore at the rival school to UA Academy in Shiketsu High School, Camie first appeared when Class 1-A was joining a wide swath of students attempting to get their provisional hero's license, unfortunately failing in the process due to being kidnapped by Toga of the League of Villains!

Camie recently appeared in the fourth season of My Hero Academia following the Overhaul arc that saw Midoriya and company bringing down the fiendish leader of the Yakuza, attempting to win her provisional hero's license alongside Bakugo and Todoroki. With the two students at UA Academy being unable to pass the test originally, they were forced to take additional classes on weekends and times when the rest of Class 1-A was relaxing, and the trio was given a task unlike anything they had seen before. With a class of unruly toddlers holding insanely powerful Quirks needing some worthy baby sitters, Camie and the two hot headed heroes were able to pass with flying colors by calming the rowdy kids!

Instagram Cosplayer ItsKawaiiKitten shared this impressive Cosplay that brings to life the fan favorite hero that has left a mark on the world of My Hero Academia, despite not being a member of the cast of students in the famous UA Academy with Class 1-A:

Camie has not appeared in the current story line of My Hero Academia's manga, the Paranormal Liberation War, but since the war between the heroes and villains has been growing larger, with more casualties, we have to imagine it will only be a matter of time until she makes her debut here.

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