My Hero Academia Cosplay Towers Over The Competition With Mt. Lady

My Hero Academia is chock full of heroes, young and old, mostly focusing on the next generation of heroes, but one of the first professional heroes that was introduced in the series was the newcomer of Mt. Lady and one fan has created an ingenious cosplay that brings the larger than life titan to the real world. With Mt. Lady having the ability to multiply her size numerous times over, she has been a valuable asset throughout each of the major threats that have endangered the citizens of the universe that was created as a part of Kohei Horikoshi's popular series.

Mt. Lady appeared in the first episode of the anime for My Hero Academia, proving herself to be a hero worthy of becoming a professional, working her way to the top of the charts when it comes to the hero game. While she might not be one of the most popular heroes, she definitely has earned her place among the most powerful heroes in the game today and is currently assisting the heroes during the Paranormal Liberation War arc that is ravaging the world in the franchise's manga series. Yu Takeyama, aka Mt. Lady, will hopefully survive the latest saga that has seen the villains arrive with more power than ever before.

Instagram Cosplayer CuriousCatCosplay shared this impressive towering interpretation of Mt. Lady from My Hero Academia, perfectly capturing the height of the professional hero when she unleashes the full ability of her Quirk that helped her to rise the ranks within the world of crime fighting:

Mt. Lady recently appeared in the final episodes of the fourth season of the anime, being once again recognized as one of the top heroes during the Hero Billboard Chart celebration.

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