My Hero Academia Shares New Key Art of One For All Izuku and Bakugo

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising saw the 'friendship' between Bakugo and Midoriya hit a new level [...]

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising saw the "friendship" between Bakugo and Midoriya hit a new level as they shared something in common that was far larger than their dreams of becoming professional heroes by studying at UA Academy, and now, key art shows the two young heroes in their final forms of the second film of the franchise. With the feature length film of the My Hero Academia series releasing into theaters earlier this year, the movie is hitting home video later this year in Japan, though the North American release date is still unknown!

Heroes Rising featured Class 1-A training in becoming professional heroes by patrolling across a small island, which was originally supposed to be an easy job, but unfortunately turned out to be anything but. With the villain Nine, who was touting himself as the true heir of All For One, targeting a young denizen of the island to add his Quirk to his own. With the students of UA Academy teaming up to take down Nine and his henchmen, both Midoriya and Bakugo had to put their differences aside and fought against the villain in the climactic battle of the second feature length film.

Twitter User SpyTrue shared this key art that shows off Midoriya and Bakugo from My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising in their final battle against Nine, with Deku lending the power of One For All to his explosive rival, creating a pair of heroes that the world had never seen before:

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising was originally supposed to be the story that ended the anime franchise, as Kohei Horikoshi had noted in previous interviews, and we would imagine that the series would have capped off with the power of One For All transferring over to Bakugo. In the film, the transfer is temporary as the Quirk leaves Bakugo and returns to Midoriya, though we'd be interested to know what changes were made following the story line no longer being used as the finale of the series.

Nine himself was originally touted as the inheritor of All For One, but the ending of the film made it clear that he was essentially a "dry run" for the quirk being given to Shigaraki, which it now has been in the manga!

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