My Hero Academia Finally Unmasks Edgeshot's Face

My Hero Academia is working through its final act, and it seems everything is on fire in the manga at present. One of its top heroes has a foot in the grave, and while All For One mounts a comeback, fans are keeping an eye out for the rest of the pros. After all, it would take a miracle to turn the war around at this point, and Edgeshot could bring one to life. But first, well – the manga had to finally unmask the ninja for his big moment.

The update itself comes in chapter 364 as My Hero Academia checked in on Edgeshot at last. The hero is one of the top pros in Japan, and they charged into the frontlines with everyone else months ago. Since then, very little has been seen of Edgeshot, but the hero is back and he's taken off his mask for good measure.

As you can see above, Edgeshot has taken off his half-mask so fans can see the hero's entire face. It seems the pro is worse for wear given his ruined suit, and even Edgeshot's hair has lost its hold. However, his eyes are as sharp as ever, and the pro hero doesn't seem to mind showing off the simple features he's hidden for so long.

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Of course, this is the first time fans have seen Edgeshot without his mask, and this is because My Hero Academia has only checked on the pro while he's working. It seems Shinya Kamihara doesn't adhere to a strict way of life like Kakashi Hatake does when it comes to masking. It is all a part of his costume, and if it falls out, then so be it.

The unmasking is especially important now as it seems My Hero Academia is about to play Edgeshot's swan song. The hero has been doing their own thing as of late, but with Bakugo on death's door, Shinya is prepared to give their life to save the other. My Hero Academia's latest chapter ends with Edgeshot using an ultimate move that would turn him into a living heart to replace the one Bakugo exploded in battle. And if it works, Edgeshot and Best Jeanist expect the ninja will live within Bakugo forever more.

What do you think about Edgeshot's latest appearance in My Hero Academia? Do you think the series is doing right by the pro? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.