My Hero Academia Changes Up All For One's Final Plan

My Hero Academia has kicked the final war between the heroes and villains into a new gear, and the newest chapter of the series has re-evaluated All For One's real plan for the ultimate end of the series! All For One has been a thorn in the heroes' side since his first introduction as it's been revealed that he has essentially been the cause of many of the series' biggest villains and troubles. Now as he prepares for whatever his final plan truly is, it seems like he has had to rework his plans as the battle has progressed in ways he didn't expect.

My Hero Academia is now getting ready for a whole new fight against All For One as the villain has seemingly returned to his ultimate prime form following his first efforts against Hawks and Endeavor. Because while he had initially proposed that he would control this new world from within Tomura Shigaraki's power (throwing out Shigaraki's first desire for ultimate destruction), the newest chapter of the series now sees him moving forward with the intent of "ruining" the future as a whole. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 364 of My Hero Academia picks up from the previous chapter showcasing All For One's full form for the first real time in the series, and it's revealed that Garaki had been experimenting with Eri's rewind quirk thanks to the data taken from Overhaul's quirk deleting bullets. This became a sort of last ditch effort for All For One that rewinded his body to his prime form and power. So while he states that this rewinding will likely be the end of him, he's fine leaving his plans for the future in Shigaraki's hands. That future, he now reveals, is one that he wants to ruin. 

Noting that he's been influences by comics, All For One declares that he wants to do "bad stuff" to "thwart the future of the whole world." Much like the destruction Shigaraki had sought before he was absorbed into All For One, the villain himself now seems to want to destroy rather than lord over. It might be an effect of being bonded with Shigaraki for so long, or a result of the rewind of his body, but this is a much different kind of endgame that the villain wanted before. 

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