My Hero Academia Vigilantes Shows Eraserhead's Prowess In The Underground

My Hero Academia has some seriously flashy heroes, but for every All Might there needs to be an Eraser Head. Symbols cannot do the work that can only be done in the shadows, but guys like Shouta Aizawa thrive away from the spotlight. This was made clear in manga as Eraser Head impressed everyone with his teaching, and his battle skills need little improvement. And thanks to the manga's prequel, we know Eraser Head really commanded the streets as the Underground King.  

If you are keeping up with My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, you will know just what we mean. Eraser Head doesn't envy the limelight, and his work as an underground pro gives him the freedom to fight in the shadows. This is what led him to meet Koichi, the fandom's favorite vigilante. When Aizawa met the young man, he did his best to ward Koichi off the road of vigilantism, but he isn't callous enough to let Koichi fend for himself in battle.

Chapter 121 proved that as Koichi was on the ropes when Eraser Head saved him from fighting a kaiju-sized villain. Not only did Aizawa get Koichi to the ground safely while bracing his injuries, but he gave the vigilante his own sort of pep talk face to face.

"Remember how I told you that you might break some bones if you kept meddling like this," Aizawa asks. "You got guts, proving me right."

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The pair go on to fight a bit, and despite Koichi being an unlicensed hero, Eraser Head lets the man fend for himself. Aizawa respects Koichi enough to let him do this own thing so long as civilians aren't going to suffer, and My Hero Academia plans to keep things that way. As more pros arrive on the scene, Eraser Head has put himself in Koichi's corner, and you can bet the dry-eyed hero has a begrudging respect for the boy. So even if Aizawa's cantankerous on the surface, well – his battle sense and instincts make him one of the best heroes on the street. 

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