My Hero Academia Reveals Special Fact About One For All and Izuku

My Hero Academia is not one to be shy with its lead, and it seems a new special fact about Izuku [...]

My Hero Academia is not one to be shy with its lead, and it seems a new special fact about Izuku Midoriya has risen to the surface. It has been years since fans first met the hero, giving them plenty of time to fall for the aspiring hero. From print and film, fans have watched Izuku excel in all of his missions despite a few stumbles, but the latest reveal made about his quirk has got audiences everywhere scratching their heads.

The only way you will know about this ordeal is if you saw the new My Hero Academia movie. The movie went live in Japan last summer but recently began a successful run in the U.S. this month. A whole slew of fans have watched the movie, and it was there fans learned One For All has actually chosen Izuku to be its champion more or less.

The whole thing came into question when My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising forced Izuku to share his quirk with Bakugo during the heat of battle. The pair realized Nine was too strong for them, and Izuku was desperate to save his new friend Katsuma and the entire island Class 1-A was on. By sharing One For All with Bakugo, the duo were able to fight Nine much easier, but Izuku limited his time left with the quirk.

My Hero Academia Season 4 Izuku Midoriya Deku
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All Might did warn him such a thing could happen. If Izuku were to pass on his quirk willingly, it would be transferred, and that is what he did with Bakugo. When Izuku's mentor found him after the battle, the boy apologized to All Might, but the Symbol of Peace realized such words weren't needed. After all, One For All recognized Izuku's courage in sharing his power and returned to the boy without issue.

The miraculous moment is one which My Hero Academia has no precedent for, and All Might says the quirk's former users must have willed its return. Bakugo might not have One For All anymore, but that is because it did not choose him. The one whom the quirk trusts is none other than Izuku, and fans couldn't agree more that One For All was destined to become his.

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