My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Joins America's Top 10 Highest-Grossing Anime Films

Ever since it made its debut in Japan later this year, fans in North America have been waiting to see what My Hero Academia was going to bring to the table with its second major feature film effort, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. Funimation brought the film to United States theaters just a couple of weeks before, and fans have responded by immediately going out to see the film resulting in an impressive box office performance for its initial limited opening weekend. In fact the film did so well through its limited run that it soon broke through a massive $10 million USD milestone. But the film continued to impressively rise through the ranks even further.

According to the latest numbers from Box Office Mojo, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising has now earned $13,048,826 million domestically. This brings the film squarely into the top ten highest grossing anime films of all time in the United States, and even sets it in the eighth spot above films such as Spirited Away and Digimon: The Movie.

The current breakdown of the top 10 highest grossing anime films in the United States is as such:

  1. Pokemon: The First Movie - $85.7 million
  2. Pokemon: The Movie 2000 - $43.8 million
  3. Dragon Ball Super: Broly - $30.7 million
  4. Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light - $19.9 million
  5. The Secret World of Arrietty - $19.2 million
  6. Pokemon 3: The Movie - $17 million
  7. Ponyo - $15.7 million
  8. My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising - $13 million
  9. Spirited Away - $12.4 million
  10. Digimon: The Movie - $9.6 million

Given this incredible commercial and critical response to the franchise's second big feature film effort, now fans are waiting to see what's next to come from the franchise. The film took a major risk when it jumped ahead in the timeline of the anime series, but even though there are small details that are noticeably animated for the first time ever, this performance around the world proves that fans had enough faith to go in completely blind and enjoy the ride!


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via Box Office Mojo