My Hero Academia Sets Up an All For One Double Whammy

My Hero Academia is liable to do whatever it wants with One For All, but the same goes for the quirk's counterpart. There are dozens of unanswered questions about All For One, and the series has barely scratched the surface of its power. In fact, fans do not know much of all about how the quirk works, but a recent update has thrown a wrench into our plans after teasing an All For One double whammy.

The ordeal came to light when My Hero Academia chapter 286 went live. The teaser was thrown out just before Shigaraki and Izuku meet in the inner scape of One For All. As fans will know, Shigaraki is grappling for control of his body against All For One, but most thought it was a mental thing. Now, a statement from Gigantomachia has fans less sure.

After all, the rampaging beast knows all things All For One, and he is always attuned to the man. He has been fixated on Shigaraki as of late now that the boy wields All For One. However, after the boy's body was taken over by his master, Gigantomachia

my hero academia

"Master's scent. I smell two," the beast questions as he runs towards the scent.


Later on the chapter, fans are shown a more literal image of the combined villain. Shigaraki is seen struggling against All For One as the older man belittles his protege. The pair have yet to acknowledge their setting, so fans aren't sure how their two-in-one situation will work against One For All. But if one thing is certain, it is that All For One needs Shigaraki, and he needs the boy alive.

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