My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Teases Izuku's Progress with One For All

My Hero Academia has kept fans in the dark about One For All, but things are starting to come to light where the quirk is concerned. As you can imagine, all eyes are on Izuku to see how he's mastering the power, but each accomplishment is met with a new challenge. Nowadays, the manga has taken those issues to a whole new level, but it seems Izuku is making solid progress with One For All.

The update was given at the very end of My Hero Academia chapter 286. It was there fans watched as Izuku was sucked into his mindscape after All For One tried to take his quirk. The villain wasn't expecting to be faced with the vestiges of One For All, and fans got to take a peek around the area.

They were treated to a close-up look at Izuku as the boy popped up next to the former users of One For All. However, the hero looked different than the last time he was here. When Izuku was first introduced to this mindscape, his entire body was covered by shadows. The only visible part of him was from the nose up, but more of his body is uncovered now.

As you can see above, My Hero Academia has peeled back the shadows lurking over Izuku's torso and arms. Part of the boy's legs are free as well, so he is starting to escape the shadows that once weighed him down. It seems these shadows drew back each time Izuku unlocked a new quirk from a vestige, and he has two at the moment. That means there are plenty more quirks for him to unlock.


Of course, he has to retain One For All in order to discover those other powers. Shigaraki is hellbent on snatching the quirk right now, but fans are confident Izuku will retain his power. After all, Nana Shimura is ready to fight for the boy in the face of All For One, and it sounds like she will not be fighting alone.

What do you make of this change? Which piece of One For All will Izuku master next? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.