My Hero Academia Spotlights Bakugo's Protective Ways with Izuku

Back in the day, there was no way fans of My Hero Academia knew were the series was taking Izuku Midoriya. The boy has become a top hero at his school, and he has managed to cover the rifts in his friendship with Bakugo. When the series first started, no one expected the former childhood friends to reconcile, but they have done just that over the years. And thanks to a new manga chapter, My Hero Academia fans can see how protective Bakugo has become of Izuku.

This was illustrated painfully in the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia. The update that went live this week checked on Bakugo as he awoke in the hospital once the war ended. The villains have a major advantage these days with All For One on their side, and Bakugo was quick to ask after Izuku when he came to.

By the chapter's end, Bakugo was left on a tear as he forced himself to find Izuku. The blonde hero was informed his childhood friend has yet to wake up after the war. In fact, Mineta said Izuku is showing no signs of waking up, and Bakugo was upset enough by the news to go check on his friend.

"He's dead meat if he thinks he can die on me," Bakugo tells himself as he fights his way to Izuku. None of the people holding him back can stop his warpath, so Bakugo is poised to reunite with his unconscious friend before long.


Of course, the anger shown here on Bakugo's side is expected. The boy has long used that emotion to mask his true feelings, and when it comes to Izuku, worry seems to plague Bakugo. After all of these years, it seems the explosive boy is trying to make amends for his actions, and Bakugo cannot do that if Izuku goes comatose on him.

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