My Hero Academia Prompts Double Takes Over This Hilarious Club Penguin Nod

My Hero Academia knows how to provoke laughter from its fans, and it can do so at even the darkest of times. The series has experienced that more often than not this past year as My Hero Academia has experienced some true traumas with its war arc. In the aftermath of the ordeal, things are still looking bleak, but fans asked to laugh out loud when the manga's latest chapter introduced a character best suited for Club Penguin.

If you haven't done so, you need to check out the latest chapter of My Hero Academia to see what is going on. The issue began this past weekend when the manga put out an update, and it was there they met with Aizawa and Present Mic. The two were downtrodden given the death of Midnight, and Aizawa has his own wounds to contend with. So when fans were introduced to the hero's doctor, they lost it.

As you can see above, the doctor working with Aizawa appears to be a bird of some sort. In fact, it looks like the doctor is some sort of penguin with balled tufts running down its spine. The cartoony character had some dour info to give readers when he showed up, but his silly appearance didn't suit the situation at all. And now, fans cannot unsee the doctor's uncanny similarities to the avatar in Club Penguin.

You remember the site, right? Club Penguin was one of the biggest MMO games online which brought together fans from around the world. The game, which launched in 2005, had more than 200 million users at one point before turning off in 2017. There is no telling if creator Kohei Horikoshi is familiar with Club Penguin, but this doctor almost assures he does. And if the game had any hand in inspiring the My Hero Academia design, we could not be happier for it!

Did this doctor's appearance catch you off guard? Or did you even notice the My Hero Academia newbie? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.