My Hero Academia Reveals the Real Reason Endeavor Isolated Shoto

My Hero Academia kept Shoto Todoroki from his family for too long. If you are a fan of the series, you will know all about the boy and the difficult home life he had growing up. Despite having a pro hero for a father, Shoto grew up in an abusive home where he was forbidden from being around his siblings. And now, fans know what led to his forced isolation.

The explanation came courtesy of chapter 302 of My Hero Academia. The big update started on the heels of a cliffhanger that put Shoto in danger. If you will recall, the end of chapter 301 saw Toya gun towards Shoto in an attempt to burn him with his fire. It turns out Endeavor stopped his eldest from harming Shoto, but the attack had lasting consequences.

My Hero Academia Shoto Todoroki Anime
(Photo: TOHO Animation)

"From now on, we're keeping Shoto away from the other kids. I'm too busy with work to look after him 24-7 which is why I've hired help," Endeavor tells his wife after the attack. He is seen standing over Rei while Shoto sleeps on the ground, and Endeavor goes on to tell his wife to watch Toya like a hawk.

Fans knew Endeavor kept Shoto to himself so the boy could be trained, but there was never any discussion of how the decision came about. It turns out Endeavor felt it was best to isolate his youngest child after Toya tried to attack Shoto in a fit of rage. Rather than actually address the issue, Endeavor stuffed it under a rug with some heavy-handed avoidance. Now, that neglect is coming back to haunt him, and fans are hardly surprised. By the time Shoto was toddling, Endeavor was a full monster of a man, and his abusive ways have come full circle. The hero's oldest has become a vengeful villain, and the rest of Endeavor's family must help the man change his ways if they want to stop Dabi.

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