My Hero Academia Creator Apologizes for Manga Delay in New Note

My Hero Academia's creator apologized for the delay of the newest chapter in a recent note to fans! Kohei Horikoshi's manga run of the series is currently in its most intense state yet as the Final Act of the story has officially begun. This means each new chapter is now more important than ever as we are starting to see just how our favorite characters are now working in the series' new status quo. But there was a bit of a delay with the newest chapter of the series as Horikoshi suddenly needed a break.

While Shueisha released a statement confirming Horikoshi needed the delay for health reasons, Chapter 308 of the series released only a week later together with the rest of the new releases on April 11th in Weekly Shonen Magazine. In the author's notes for the magazine, Horikoshi apologized to fans for the series' absence and promises he'll come back "stronger."

My Hero Academia Season 5 Deku Izuku
(Photo: TOHO Animation)

In Horikoshi's author's note for My Hero Academia Chapter 308 (as provided and translated by Viz Media) Horikoshi states the following, "I’m so sorry for last week! My body, mind and skills weren’t cutting it! I’ll come back stronger!" With this statement, it's definitely easy to believe Horikoshi's much stronger now especially after seeing Chapter 308 in action.

With the Final Act of the series kicking in, My Hero Academia has begun to show a much more chaotic world than we saw before the events of the war between the heroes and Paranormal Liberation Front. It's been especially shaken up for Izuku Midoriya as he's now heading off into his own solo mission as he tries to strengthen his use of One For All more than ever.


During the war, Izuku Midoriya declared his desire to save Tomura Shigaraki from the impact of All For One's power. In order to do that, Izuku Midoriya needs to master One For All as much as possible before the two of them fight once more as he's likely the only one who is going to be able to put a stop to All For One's power and thus his wicked plan for the future.

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