My Hero Academia Explores Stain's Rarely Seen Side

My Hero Academia's latest manga chapter took a break from the problems of Deku and decided to explore the inner turmoil of All Might, by introducing a surprising encounter between the former Symbol of Peace and the hero killer known as Stain. With the hero slayer being absent since his massive introduction in the second season of My Hero Academia's anime, locked away in the supervillain prison known as Tartarus, Stain has made his return and not only issues a challenge to All Might but also reveals a side of himself that has been rarely seen.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, Chapter 326, you might want to steer clear of this article as we'll be diving into serious spoiler territory.

With All Might grappling with the current scenario that his student, Deku, finds himself in, attempting to hold together hero society, the former Symbol of Peace finds himself gravitating toward a statue of himself at his peak. Running into Stain for the first time, All Might couldn't be in a worse position as he is barely able to retain his powered-up form for seconds at a time, though the villain has a conversation that shows the respect he had for the previous number one hero in the game. Talking about the influence that All Might had on the world at large, the hero killer tries to snap some sense into Toshinori Yagi in quite the threatening manner:

(Photo: Studio Bones)

"In the worst of times, All Might would maintain that grin and devote every fiber of his being to the people! It had nothing to do with powers of Quirks. The man we knew as All Might could not live his life any other way. He carved those ideals into his very soul and was lauded for it. Who are you to presume to know the first thing about All Might? His influence lives on.

The flickering ember he left behind is nurtured by those select few who succumb neither to chilling rain nor howling wind! Until the ember grows anew into a roaring blaze. The people must not let that fire die out. No matter how undignified the struggle, they must stoke the flames so long as they draw breath."


Stain has murdered forty heroes throughout his career through his twisted sense of honor places All Might on a pedestal, with the hero killer truly looking to create a new world in which heroes sacrifice themselves for the greater good, rather than fame and fortune. Before leaving All Might, Stain offers the hero information that he received while locked away while also telling the former number one crime fighter to avenge the lives he took.

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