My Hero Academia Reunites Some Major Heroes to Battle Shigaraki

My Hero Academia has reunited some of its biggest heroes to aid in the final battle against Shigaraki. The latest chapter of My Hero Academia manga keeps focus on the portion of the Final War Arc that sees the pro heroes isolating the merged All For One/Shigaraki at bay in a floating arena, designed to shut down the villain's apocalyptic disintegration powers and AFO stolen quirk powers. However, Shigaraki has revealed that this his enhanced body is more than enough to destroy the heroes – even without his quirk powers. In the latest chapter, it becomes clear that the pro heroes need reinforcement from one of the strongest hero teams around! 

(WARNING: My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 359 SPOILERS Follow!)

In My Hero Academia Chapter 359, the faction of pro heroes assigned to taking down AFO-Shigaraki hits a serious hurdle when the weight and force of AFO-Shigaraki's Akira-style body morphing pushes the containment arena past its limits. Bakugo stepped in with his new array of special attacks – but that wasn't enough, either. In fact, Bakugo is seriously injured and has to admit that AFO-Shigaraki is proof that he's still not ready for the "big leagues." 

Shigaraki eventually overpowers his captors and breaks free of his cage, landing right in front of U.A. High School's doorstep. No surprise there: a series called "My Hero Academia" was always going to have its final battle unfold on the famed school's grounds. 

However, that final battle cannot go down yet: Izuku Midoriya was snatched away from his intended target (Shigaraki) and is desperately trying to close the distance to get to Shigaraki and use the full force of One For All to defeat him. To hold down U.A. and protect all the people both inside, and the heroes fighting out front, The Big 3 step up to the challenge! 

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Mirio Togata (aka Lemillion), Tamaki Amajiki (Suneater), and Nejire Hado (Nejire Chan) were introduced during the Shie Hassaikai Arc, as Izuku and Class 1-A had to start really leveling up. Mirio's arc, in particular, was a harrowing one, as the final battle with Overhaul left his quirk destroyed. However, Mirio (and his besties) made a triumphant return during the first War Arc, revealing that Eri has mastered her own power enough to restore his quirk. The Big 3 have always occupied a weird space in My Hero Academia's story – but holding the line against Shigaraki until Izuku can arrive is probably more of a spotlight than most fans ever figured they'd get. 

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