My Hero Academia Issues Correction to Chapter 302

My Hero Academia is one of the top series coming from Japan right now, but that doesn't mean it is [...]

My Hero Academia is one of the top series coming from Japan right now, but that doesn't mean it is invulnerable. During its time, the series has made some public mistakes that have been addressed by the team. That is still true in 2021 as the manga appears to have made a blunder this week, and it has issued a public correction.

Over on Twitter, a note was posted by the My Hero Academia team just hours after chapter 302 went live. The big update was an emotional one that gave fans a blistering look at the Todoroki home years ago. Readers saw how Endeavor's behavior warped his wife and family to an extreme. But as it turns out, one thing said by Rei was not quite correct.

The message asked fans to note an error towards the end of the manga. At one point, Rei is seen in the present talking about how Endeavor grew worse and worse until she couldn't take it anymore. It was then she started seeing her husband in the kids, but in this chapter, she said all of this started after Toya was gone.

It turns out Toya was not gone at this point. The manga's team apologized for the timeline confusion. In future editions of this chapter, the dialogue "Once Toya was gone" will be removed entirely. Instead, the passage will read, "You grew worse and worse until I couldn't stand the sight of you."

This timeline fix is welcome by fans, but many admit they did not notice the blip. The timeline of when Rei was hospitalized compared to Toya's death is foggy, but it was made clear in a past My Hero Academia chapter. At one point, Fuyumi says Rei was hospitalized when she learned about her son's death, and it broke whatever was left in her. This new chapter makes it seem like Toya died long before Rei snapped, but that is not the case. It seems more went on at the Todoroki house that we do not know, but fans are sure none of it was good.

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