My Hero Academia Explores Mirko's Origins in New Update

My Hero Academia has a slew of top-tier heroes in its rank, and there are some fans adore more than others. It goes without saying the ranked heroes are rather special with netizens, and that even goes for Endeavor. Now, a new update has dropped some important details about Mirko, and it turns out the heroine has always led a wild life.

The update came at the end of My Hero Academia's most recent chapter. Well, from its spin-off that is. Chapter 88 checked in on Mirko as the UA Academy student leapt into action out of nowhere. The spin-off followed the girl during her school days, and it was there netizens got an update on Mirko's wild youth.

my hero academia mirko

As it turns out, Mirko had quite a reputation in middle school where she went by Usako. The girl earned the name in underground fight clubs that were most definitely illegal. Her insatiable desire to fight prompted Usako to do whatever it took to battle others, even if that meant breaking the law.

According to one ruffian, Usako was know as the legendary schoolgirl hooligan with rabbit ears. She was infamous around Hiroshima as she would crash fight clubs and knock out all those fighting.

"In the end, she vanished after being taken into custody and the name of her school was exposed," the man explained.


While Mirko tried to hide her identity this time around, it seems she was found out. There are no direct ties linking her new codename to UA Academy, but fans are eager to see how this brash move plays out. After all, the girl went on to become a top hero, and the public adores her feisty spirit. The only question is whether her teachers at school feel the same...

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