My Hero Academia Teases Gigantomachia's Awakening

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia hasn't only given us some of the biggest fights in the [...]

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia hasn't only given us some of the biggest fights in the story line of the Paranormal Liberation War, but has also brought back one of the most powerful villains that was introduced in the fourth season of the anime with Gigantomachia. The League of Villains has already proved to be far stronger than they ever were before this point with a super powered Shigaraki, High End Nomu, and around one hundred thousand members threatening the power structure within the world of heroes, so adding this titanic antagonist to their roster might solidify their victory!

Warning! If you haven't caught up on My Hero Academia's manga with Chapter 271, you may want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into deep spoiler territory for the Paranormal Liberation War!

Gigantomachia is one of the strongest followers of All For One, having been tasked with looking over Shigaraki following his defeat at the hands of All Might. With Grand Torino and the police unable to successfully defeat him, the giant antagonist is clearly a villain that is able to live in a world of his own rules. In the fourth season of the anime, we got to see this giant villain in a flashback of Kirishima's, pushing the hero forward in his goal to become a professional in order to save his friends following Gigantomachia threatening his friends.

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From here, Gigantomachia has been a deadly part of the franchise, helping to ascend the League of Villains to a brand new spot of power. With Shigaraki overtaking the Meta Liberation Army and putting together an organization with tens of thousands of team mates at his back, the addition of his larger than life bodyguard is going to make claiming victory that much harder than it once was.

In the latest chapter, the war has continued with the UA student of Tokoyami attempting to save his mentor, Hawks, from the fiery fists of Dabi. WIth Shigaraki also seemingly springing to life, Gigantomachia has seemingly awoken as well after recognizing his "master's scent". As the decaying villain has now been given the power of All For One, it is clear that his place as the leader of the Paranormal Liberation Front has been solidified. Is this all leading to the series being taken over by the villains?

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