My Hero Academia's New War Gives the Villains a Chance to Shine

A war has descended upon My Hero Academia, and it is going to pop off whether you like it or not. [...]

A war has descended upon My Hero Academia, and it is going to pop off whether you like it or not. It took time for the Pro Heroes to find whether the League of Villains settled down with the former Meta Liberation Army, but the time has come. Pro Heroes around the country has gathered to wage war against the baddies, and the series' latest chapter has given fans a good look at how the villains are reacting to the ambush.

Recently, chapter 263 saw My Hero Academia gear up for war, and readers were as ready as the students in Class 1-A. No one was quite ready to fight, but the battlefield was thrust upon them. After locating the villains in the hills outside of a city, the baddies were found out and left a bit flabbergasted. But unlike Kaminari, the gang was ready to show the Pro Heroes how strong they've become.

"They got us good, Mr. Skeptic, so let's shake things up. That is what happens when we're just waiting for Shigaraki or whoever," one of the army's generals tells his colleague after the Pro Heroes infiltrate their base.

my hero academia villains wars

"I say we get this started. It's time for the Liberation Revolution!"

The manga taps into the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a second with the war as it kicks off with an epic standoff. Much like Captain America and Thanos, the heroes and villains run at each other in mass. The general tries to knock out some heroes with his electric quirk, but Kaminari is able to conduct it harmlessly through his body. So it seems the teams are even at this moment, but there is no telling how the war will fare as more fighters join the ranks. After all, Shigaraki is still recovering from whatever experiments he went through under Dr. Garaki's watch, but there are Pro Heroes over there ready to take in the mad doctor. And with Izuku missing in action at the moment, fans are still waiting to see where the boy will show up next.

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