My Hero Academia Cosplay Flaunts Midnight's Sultry Look

My Hero Academia has some of the finest heroes teaching our favorite students, and they all come with their different quirks - literally. Barring their actual powers, each of the professors at UA Academy deal in different specialties. For Midnight, the heroine has an excellent track record of knocking out villains, but her daring outfit has caused her some trouble. It also has also proved problematic for fans who want to cosplay Midnight without being flagged, but one fan has managed to bring a sultry balance to her costume.

Midnight recently had her story told in the pages of the manga spin-off series of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, which took a trip to the past to show off the super hero teacher long before she operated a class room and was instead a student within the halls of UA Academy. Learning alongside the likes of Eraserhead and Present Mic, she was able to ascend the ranks and eventually become a teacher, raising a new generation of heroes while using her unique quirk to juggle crime fighting with her teaching duties inside the hallowed halls of the university. As she attempts to stop the nefarious plans of Shigaraki and the League of Villains, Midnight definitely has a lot on her hands.

Instagram Cosplayer Daniela_Cosplayer shared this unique take on the sultry teacher at UA Academy, who has become one of the most recognizable administrators within the school since first hitting the scene in the first season of My Hero Academia's anime:

On it's surface, Midnight's Quirk allowing her to simply put opponents to sleep using a chemical that exudes from her body might not seem comparable to the likes of super powered figures like Endeavor, All Might, and Shigaraki, but the UA Academy teacher has trained for years to hone her skills and become one of the strongest crime fighters around regardless. Midnight was also responsible for helping most of Class 1-A figure out their hero names and thus had a huge impact on the Shonen series as a whole.

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